Two days ago me and my sister went for a walk. I haven't thought of writing this story first, but now I think it's a pretty good start. So I asked her why her debut collection is named "Grace"...

Nobody knows how much effort, tears and prayers were put in my debut collection named “Grace”. People were sitting on fashion show and saw the girl who is elegant, stylish and just graduated from Fashion design course, this girl was smiling and waving everyone as a princess but is someone had to think: how she could finish this year? Was it hard? Stressful? Was she ready to give up couple of times?

The word “GRACE” just describes all my school year and I wanted to show how God lead me through this year. Grace describes kindness and strength, it means when you are ready to give up there is coming up something, what will help you get up and go do things again.

It just came kind of randomly. I was asking some people if it going to fit for my collection and the message I wanted to show through it.

This is a queen style collection. I believe that every woman can be a queen at heart especially if she is a child of God. Queen should be elegance, kind and strong. But all this STRENGHT comes from God. She can’t do anything by herself and this is the message I wanted to say through my collection. It supposed to be beautiful, but it’s more about inside beauty. Something what you can see only if you’re looking with your heart.

While I was living with my parents I haven’t think about God as EVERYTHING for me. The moment I started to feel alone and helpless I realized I can’t do anything without God. All my troubles were so big and unsolvable. The moment I let God in my life and put Him on a FIRST place, everything became better. I am not saying all my troubles just disappeared, I still had a lot of pressure and hard moments, but with God I became stronger and more peaceful.  Of course I couldn’t find out it without my family, friends and my boyfriend. PRAYERS are the most powerful and important support for anyone, so now I am thankful for everyone who supported me by this way.  

Hebrews 4:16  Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.